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Global Pathways


135 years of combined team experience in education & career guidance

We work with students and families across the world to assist them in accessing the best education opportunities available for them. Our team’s expertise and extensive knowledge in the complex international education systems help support a child in identifying the right education institution.

Drawing from the unrivalled experience of our network of education leaders and influencers, we provide bespoke and strategic recommendations for our students.

Right from nursery, pre-k, primary & secondary school to university, we only find places of study where the child thrives, flourishes and succeeds.

At whatever stage of education or career, you are at the moment if you are considering pursuing an international education Lurnable Global Pathways will provide unbiased and unparalleled education services and solutions to you.


University Advisory Services

  • Oxbridge Admissions
  • Ivy League Admissions
  • Russell Group Universities Admissions
  • Medical School Consulting
  • Sports Education Consulting
  • Under Graduate/Bachelor’s Degrees Consulting
  • Post Graduate/Master’s/MBA Degrees Consulting
  • Research/Doctorate Degrees Consulting

University Advisory Solutions

  • Admission Essays
  • UCAS Applications
  • UCAS Clearing
  • Interview Preparation
  • Scholarships
  • Accommodation
  • Universities Visits

How We Help

Call With Experts (30 minutes)

Understanding your international education goals and how Lurnable can help you achieve them

Ultimate Career Planning (Week # 1 to # 4)

  • Identify your personal, educational and career goals
  • Assess your strengths, learning style and other abilities with our psychometric tests.
  • Create a strategic ultimate career plan (UCP) to achieve your goals by identifying solutions to fill the gaps in between your future and present conditions

Course Mapping (Week # 5 to # 7)

  • Lurnable’s team of education and career experts will collaborate with you in finalising a list of courses and possible career choices in the particular subject of study
  • Optional: Some of our students have opted for a career-taster-session just to be sure of their educational choice. In this case, we place our students for a one to two weeks of short-term internship (paid or unpaid) programme in their chosen subject/industry

Country Mapping (Week # 8 to # 10)

  • Finalise a list of countries based on your UCP by carefully considering their political, economic and visa conditions and how it might affect your long-term goals
  • Optional: It is a usual practice with our students to experience education in the country of their choice. In this case, we facilitate a one to four weeks of short-term programme for the students in a chosen subject of their interests.

Institution Mapping (Week # 11 to # 13)

  • Our education expert provides a detailed assessment of the list of best-fit schools/universities that match both your immediate and long-term educational, personal and career goals in the subject and country of your choice
  • Optional: Many families of our students will opt for a visit to the institutions and if this if your preference Lurnable will help put together a bespoke institutional tour programme for you and your family.

Admission Process (Week # 14 to # 20)

In the weeks forward, Lurnable’s team of admission experts with work closely with the students and parents in order to work in the following areas of operations:

  • Scholarships Opportunities - check for availability, eligibility and thereby make an application.
  • Admission Essays - assistance in bringing out the best articulation of your purpose and passion
  • Recommendation Letters - suggesting whom to approach to strengthen your application
  • Resume/CV Preparation - help with creating a CV that best defines your personality and achievements
  • Application Process - filling in and sending applications to schools/universities
  • Accepting/Rejecting Offers - receiving offer letters from the educational institutions and accepting the ‘one’
  • Accommodation: help in finalising an appropriate accommodation solution, boarding within the institution or guardianship or private home as per the student and the family’s choice

Visa Process (Week # 21 to # 26)

  • Finding a suitable appointment date and making an application under appropriate visa category.
  • Guidance on the list of documents and help in visa interview preparation.

Travel & Pre-Departure Briefing (Week # 25 to # 27)

  • Travel: assistance in finalising the appropriate date of travel based on the institution’s start dates and accommodation availability.
  • Pre-Departure Briefing: a workshop on what to expect and how to be prepared on all possible best/worst-case scenarios

In-Country Support* (Week # 28 to # 32 )

  • Airport Transits: receive at the airport and safe transit to the local accommodation services provider
  • Local Guardianship: be the local support and point of contact all through the student’s education

Universities We Recommend

A small selection of Universities

University of Cambridge
University of Oxford
Yale University
University of Michigan
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Cornel University
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Subjects We Recommend

Art History
Yale University
University of Michigan
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Cornel University
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We are here to help launch your global pursuits. Are you ready to take the plunge?