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International Football Academy Setup, India

Client: Ex-Professional Football Players, Coaches & Veterans, UK & India
Project Duration: 1-year

Coordinate and bring together Coaches & Veteran football players.


Set up an International Football Academy in India with the possibility of international football tour and study programmes for the players.


Working in partnership with various schools the football academy runs coaching programmes in football along with offering various international foundation diploma (IFD) completion either through online mode or by travelling to the respective institute in UK that provides the said diploma with varying study time options (6 months to 2 yrs) and graduating with the corresponding level of degree or diploma.


Along with being coached in the game of football by experienced coaches, veteran players both from UK as well India, the students will get to complete at least a diploma in a duration of 6 months. If the student is willing to extend the study duration longer, then there is a possibility to finish a degree as well.


"The work done by Lurnable has been exemplary. The dedication and care with which they have set up the international football academy has ensured quality coaches and curriculum which benefits the players in sports and their educational skilling as well".

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