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Skills & Vocational Programmes Development, UK

Client: Private Independent School, India
Project Duration: 3-months

Developing customised leadership and entrepreneurship programmes for the private school.


Conduct the developed leadership and entrepreneurship programme for students from the said school, in UK.


The project in addition to the development of the curriculum for the programme, the schedule, and the execution, it also involved planning of travel, accommodation and care for the students who travelled to participate in the programme. This was done by identifying short stay accommodation for students in UK.


Enrichment programme developed for the Indian private school for developing leadership and entrepreneurship skills in their high school students.


"Lurnable’s expertise in designing and developing student enrichment programmes and curriculum is commendable. We were able to see this in the way they came up with customised programmes for our specific needs in leadership and entrepreneurial training focussed on students’ learning that was enriched through experiential learning".

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