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Education Partners Identification in India

Client: Independent Schools, Football Academies, Summer Schools, FE Colleges, Universities, UK
Project Duration: 3- to 9-months

Identifying educational partners in India for multiple schools, football academies, summer schools, FE colleges, and Universities from UK.


Collaborative relationship that enables mutual enriching experiences for partnered organisations through student and teacher exchange programmes.


The individualistic vision and goal of the specific client drives the identification of the partners for them. The culture, community focus, impact areas are some of the features that drive the synergies between partners.


Identifying the right education partner create the synergy in the process of collaboration that directly impacts the community and the stakeholders positively.


"It would be appropriate to say that Lurnable is an expert in the growth and development of educational ventures. They can be study partners for individuals aspiring to study abroad and need help with details on scholarship, culture, application needs and such, while they are the best partners for growth and expansion of educational institutions and sports academies wanting to set up campuses abroad".

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